About Us

What began in Mexico City in 1993 with just one product as part of a family project has since evolved into the best selection of hundreds of hygiene products for various uses. We specialize in personal care and hygiene (bath products for daily use) and our brands presently have the largest market share in Mexico.

We use the highest quality ingredients and have forged alliances in several countries in order to strengthen our economy and foreign trade relations. 

The majority of the products we offer are manufactured in Greater Mexico City.

Industrias T.TAIO has marketed millions of units and our brands are already well established in the Mexican market, which makes us the leading brand in bath products; however, we also have market share in several other categories, such as bath products for babies and children, and cleaning and care products for your home, car and others.

Among the wide variety of products we offer, our sponge specialty products and private label products have become the pillars of our company’s business. We are proudly able to produce specific products for other companies as private labels, or for promotional purposes, as well as part of the amenities offered by hotels and hospitals.

Our group adopts current ethical codes and applies them to their work, and we, of course, appreciate the relationships we have with our clients, suppliers and every person that contributes to the process of manufacturing and marketing our products.

We are most committed to our consumer and to nature, so we strive to work with respect and honesty towards the people and environment in which we operate.

All of the products we market are cruelty free.

We have created this website to offer our consumers the ability to shop for our products online, but also for potential buyers, distributors, wholesalers, suppliers and the general public to have a way to connect with us and participate and share with us whenever they need to and from anywhere in the world.

So welcome! We invite you to get to know all our products.