Special Products

Polyurethane Division

Among our group of affiliated companies we have a branch dedicated to manufacturing polyurethane foam with the capacity to offer the following products and services.

Blocks – Die Cut – Bonded – Laminated – Sized – Special Cuts - Templates – Shaped – Pellets for Filler, etc.

These forms can have the following characteristics:

Different densities and colors.

Superior high density | Standard high density | High density | Standard medium density | Medium density | Standard low density

Flame retardant (Fyrol) | Firmness | Antistatic - Antibacterial (ultrafresh) | Memory Foam (Viscoelastic) | Antimite | Soy based

Foam and rectangular forms, minimum 2 mm in thickness.

We supply to manufacturers of mattresses, furniture, home accessories, shoes and others. The process consists of cutting the foam with a carousel foam cutter in order to generate horizontal sheets with a minimum thickness of 2 mm.

The packaging, accessories and shoe market segments we work with place orders for special foam cuts. In order to satisfy their needs, we have computer-aided machinery where we input the design and produce the specific cut as per the client’s specifications.

Market Segments Served:

* Furniture | Shoes | Packaging | Automotive | Mattresses | Clothing and Accessories | Pharmaceutical – etc.

We also have access to a modern third party lab to evaluate materials used by the  industrial sector to give our clients a tool with which to obtain reliable information on their products.

The lab’s facilities and equipment are state-of-the-art and comply with international standards for the evaluation of materials.

The staff we employ here are highly qualified in handling materials, evaluating properties and processing data, which allows us to service our clients in a timely manner and deliver reliable results.

Private Label

Our objective is to follow our vision and be a part of the daily lives of people like you, so we can reach more homes in more places and be able to develop high quality products for the markets where they are sold.

We like to get involved with our private label companies and whether you have your own brand or would like us to develop one for you, we can provide a comprehensive service that includes:

Product Development | Brand Development | Industrial Design | Graphic Design | Product Launch

If your company needs a simple product or has already developed one, we can produce your product in reasonable quantities and with the high quality and reasonable pricing that we are known for.

Because of our proximity to the US, our products compete directly with Asian made products, so our response time is quite aggressive. You can depend on us for a rapid turnaround on your product purchases and developments.

If any of the products that you have in mind involve foam, sponge or printed material, or specialized fibers with the characteristics featured on our site, then you can be sure that we can manufacture it.

We invite you to contact us and experience firsthand the level of personalized quality service we provide.


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