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We are a Mexican company that is committed to the development of our people. As such, we seek out environmentally-friendly practices, focus on innovation, and are inclusive.

Why us?

We are proud of creating high-quality, cruelty-free products and building trust in our customers as a result of our high degree of responsibility, honesty, and respect for our team members and
our environment.

What do we look for in you?

We want people with a high degree of environmental responsibility who are innovative, proactive and share our goals.

We are an inclusive company, applying best practices that place us on the cutting edge.

What is our specialty?

We are work teams with clear objectives, focused on sharing efforts and multiplying our knowledge so as to create innovative products with international importance.

We set out to work closely with environmental technologies that develop products for various needs, which makes us a company focused on contributing to a cleaner world.


Below, the main functions performed by the staff within their work areas are presented. The activities of the positions where the rotation of the personnel is carried out are detailed, be it seamstresses, general helpers, general assistants in machines, assortment warehouse, raw material and auxiliary quartermaster.



Carry out the sewing work, making the garments assigned to the workshop, ensuring the proper use and conservation of materials, tools and equipment. Carry out the sewing work in the manner indicated; proceed to the making of molds, marking, cutting and assembly of the pieces. Make adequate and economical use of materials, as well as maintain equipment and work materials in proper conditions of cleanliness and operation.


Physical requirements:

  • Physical ability to operate the sewing machines and other elements used in the craft.
  • Normal vision and hearing.
  • Thoroughness and careful attitude.


Assistant in each and every one of the activities necessary for the area of production and finishing of hygienic products. Carry out assistance and assistance activities in coordination, preparation and control tasks necessary for the production of programs under the supervision of the producer.

It only includes personnel whose work is directly related to the processes of supply and production.

Collaborate in the packaging, sealing, labeling and bagging of the product.


Possible daily tasks:

  • Check the sealing of the product.
  • Sort and pack the product according to the work order.
  • Seal packaged product packages.
  • Labeled.
  • Verify that the articles of a certain order are of equal measure and discard the product that does not meet the specifications of the quality area.
  • Collaborate with the cleaning within the area where it operates. Manual skill is required to pack the bags quickly, and physical effort to stand during the workday.

Is required:

  • Teamwork and tools management, must own psychomotor skills, to develop their occupation.
  • Ability to work as a team.
  • Effective communication.
  • Flexibility and adaptation to change.
  • Oriented to results.

The worker is responsible for the equipment that is delivered permanently or occasionally, as a work tool, especially the materials or raw materials that are delivered to them for the performance of the contracted functions, obligating to use them with due care to avoid the waste of materials.



Assistant in all activities related to the area of the warehouse assortment of finished product, through the arrangement and distribution and custody of the raw materials or products that are delivered for storage and distribution to the production area.

Verify that the necessary materials are delivered to the corresponding personnel through the registration of data of entry and exit of the products.

Assistant in the control of the existence of the raw material that is delivered to him.


The Employee is legally and physically responsible for:

a) .- Of the equipment that is delivered to you on a permanent or occasional basis as a work tool related to your position to control the warehouse.

b) .- Of the correct delivery to the corresponding workers for the performance of functions of the materials delivered for storage in the warehouse area.

c) .- Collect the vouchers signed by the person who receives equipment or materials under his charge.



  • Assist in all activities related to the raw material warehouse area, through the arrangement, distribution and custody of the raw materials that are delivered to them for their storage and distribution to the production area.


  • Verify that the necessary materials are delivered to the corresponding personnel through the registration of data of entry and exit of the products.
  • Assistant in the control of the existence of the raw material that is delivered to him; auxiliary in the realization of the monthly inventory or the necessary ones that are required on the destiny or final transfer of the merchandise that has been delivered to him.
  • Assistant in the attention to suppliers for the assortment of the required products.
  • Assist in the fulfillment of the programs that are implemented for the area; and in general, grant the assistance that is required in the workplace and all that are similar and assigned by the company in any of the establishments and branches with which it has the same and requires their services to comply with the obligation contracted.


Assist in the proper and optimal functioning of cleaning and ordering of all areas of the workplace, keeping them clear, clean and orderly according to the safety and hygiene programs implemented in the workplace.


  • Clean internal areas using special tools, such as brooms, mops, cleaning products and vacuum cleaners.
  • Disinfect floors and other surfaces using mops, specialized cleaning products, among others.
  • Dust and clean the office equipment, taking the necessary precautions to avoid damaging it.
  • Replenish toilets with soap, toilet paper and other supplies.
  • Keep track of all activities carried out.
  • Request the replenishment of cleaning supplies when necessary.

Clear and clean all areas that could cause work accidents or risks in case of evacuation or that are assigned by your superior.

Is required:

  • Organization and management of time.
  • Be able to perform several tasks at the same time in a dynamic and active environment.
  • Be organized and retailer.
  • Communicate clearly to understand the instructions of your supervisors.
  • Be able to focus on the needs of your supervisor, providing a high level of service.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Highly responsible and reliable.
  • Committed to provide an excellent service that exceeds the expectations of the company or client.