•  - 1985

    The earthquake in Mexico City marks our birth.

  •  - 1987

    The turn of the company is changed to the manufacture of products for the daily bath.
  •  - 1990

    The household cleaning line is created under the “Tallón” brand.

  •  - 1991

    The hygiene and care line for babies is created under the Baby Protection brand that would later become Bathtime.

  •  - 1993

    1st floor installed in Naucalpan, Edo. of Mexico and with this the name of Industrias T.TAiO S.A. of C.V.

  •  - 1996

    Plant expansion, the second facility opens in Azcapotzalco, Mexico City.

  •  - 1998

    We begin our exports to the US and Canada.

  •  - 2000

    The cleaning and car care line “Speed” was created, as well as starting with FEDEX the first Transborder export between Mexico and the USA.

  •  - 2002

    Expansion of building infrastructure (3 was plant) in Tlalnepantla, Edo. of Mexico, after the acquisition of a polyurethane foam factory.

  •  - 2003

    The marketing and advertising plan begins on local and national television in Mexico.

  •  - 2004

    The brand “Esponjabón” is created.

  •  - 2006

    Opening of the first international office in Los Angeles California USA.

  •  - 2012

    The Daily Concepts brand is created for the international luxury market.

  •  - 2012

    The Afterspa brand is created for the luxury market.

  •  - 2013

    Double-digit growth is maintained in both production and sales on an annual basis.

  •  - 2014

    We started working with institutions and supporting inclusive companies, creating our commitment to society.

  •  - 2016

    We started our EU distribution via The Netherlands

  •  - 2017

    The number of plants manufactured by the products marketed by T.TAiO is consolidated at 6

  •  - 2018

    Opening of new markets such as Russia, United Arab Emirates and Australia.

  •  - 2019

    New Identity of T.TAiO Industries.

  •  - 2020

    Since the beginning of the pandemic we moved our production production lines, in order to to manufacture protective masks

  •  - 2021

    We reached more than 119 Million of views on Tiktok with Esponjabón, becoming a popular product.